Why Bacon Fat is good for you!

Years ago the mindset of the consumer was changing to eating “light” products. These products where low on fats but high on sugars. This change of mindset was probably made by the big industries. They make new products with cheap refined sugar in it and wit big marketing campaigns they change the way a consumer thinks about food.

Back in the days the most tasteful and nutritious part of an animal where it’s fats. But nowadays people think that when you eat fat you will get fat. Well scientists have proved that this is wrong. By eating good saturated fats a body can more easily burn fats then when eating unsaturated oils. This “Eat fat, Burn Fat” mentality is becoming more and more popular also because of the PALEO movement. This is about eating real unprocessed food, just like Bacon Fat.
Eating better then feel better.

If you are not convinced enough then here are some other reasons why you should try out Bacon Fat:

  • By eating bacon your body will receive good low carb energy that’s helps your body lose weight, raise metabolism and builds leaner muscles.
  • Bacon helps lowering your blood pressure, this helps preventing the effects of diabetes, heart diseases and heart attacks.
  • Bacon contains loads of vitamins (Vitamin D, B-12, B-6)
  • It is one of the best flavor enhancers and gives any boring food a boost of great smokey bacon flavor.
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